RAM-NYC: Support Through the Walls

RAM-NYC: Support Through the Walls is an abolitionist and anarchist organization that sends revolutionary literature (zines) to US prisoners. We recognize the prison industrial complex as one of the most draconian institutions in the United States and we want to offer our support as solidarity. We send catalogues to people in prison and invite them to send us a list of zines they would like. We are limited by how many zines we can send in one envelope, so we'll typically send two or three titles per request. We also encourage people to share these zines with fellow prisoners and start discussion and study group. We hope the literature will inspire offer solace in the days to come.

Send our catalog to someone in prison:  Download Catalog

Write us at:

RAM-NYC: Support Through the Walls
113 Stockholm St, #1
Brooklyn, NY 11221

Title Author Download
Armed Joy Alfredo Bonanno PDF
Let's Destroy Work, Let's Destroy the Economy Alfredo Bonanno PDF
The Anarchist Tension Alfredo Bonanno PDF
Locked Up Alfredo Bonanno PDF
The Black Liberation Army and the Paradox of Political Engagement Frank Wilderson PDF
We're Trying to Destroy the World: Anti-Blackness and Police Violence After Ferguson Frank Wilderson PDF
The Prison Slave As Hegemony's (Silent) Scandal Frank Wilderson PDF
A Day Mournful and Overcast The Iron Column PDF
Burn Down the American Plantation (Free Book for all Prisoners) Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement PDF
Smashing the State in Rojava and Beyond: The Formations and Intentions of the International Revolutionary People's Guerrilla Forces IRPGF PDF
The Struggle is Not for Martyrdom but for Life: A Critical Discussion About Armed Struggle with Anarchist Guerrillas in Rojava IRPGF PDF
Slave Patrols and Civil Servants: A History of Policing in Two Modes Crimethinc PDF
Anarchy Can't Fight Alone Kuwasi Balagoon PDF
Brink’s Trial Opening Statement Kuwasi Balagoon PDF
Three Way Fight: Revolutionary Anti-Fascism and Armed Self-Defense J. Clark PDF
Delusions of Progress: Expanded Notes on the Police, Their Predecessors, and the White Hell of Civil Society NC Piece Corps PDF
How to Start a Prison Books Collective Prison Books Collective PDF
Let the Crops Rot in the Fields Free Alabama Movement PDF
I Will Not Crawl: On Black Struggle and Armed Self Defense in Monroe, NC Robert F. Williams PDF
The Anarchist Revolutionaries Errico Malatesta PDF
The Principles of Anarchism Lucy Parsons PDF
The Reproduction of Daily Life Fredy Perlman PDF
The Sun Still Rises Conspiracy Cells of Fire PDF
The Dragon and the Hydra: A Historical Study of Organizational Methods Russell Maroon Shoatz PDF
Three Positions Against Prison August O'Clairre PDF
The Tragedy of Spain Rudolf Rocker PDF