RAM-NYC Projects

Support Through the Walls

RAM-NYC: Support Through the Walls is an abolitionist and anarchist organization that sends revolutionary literature (zines) to US prisoners. We recognize the prison industrial complex as one of the most draconian institutions in the United States and we want to offer our support as solidarity. We send catalogues to people in prison and invite them to send us a list of zines they would like.

Liberation Fund

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Liberation Fund is a project committed to freeing those in bondage by bailing out people who are incarcerated inside Riker’s Island.

Kuwasi Balagoon Liberation School

The Kuwasi Balagoon Liberation School introductory class is designed for establishing a new generation of revolutionaries. Named after the Black Liberation Army soldier, we intend to commemorate his life and struggle by making a class that continues his organization’s legacy.

PERA - Mental Health

Psychological Emancipation for Revolutionary Abolition is a project focused on developing psychological self defense: a necessary aspect of revolutionary struggle.